Larry M. Welenc

Independent Licensed Insurance Agent, Clearwater FL
National Producer (NPN) #: 16549786
FMO: Copeland Insurance Group, Longview TX

Accident and Critical

Life is full of variables… If you have an accident or get sick, chances are that you can’t work for a while. You could have benefits through work but, what happens when they are exhausted? Will you be ready to work? “ADIOS INCOME!” – Who takes care of the bills? to top it off, the average deductible for an individual is from $4,000 – $7,500. HAVE YOU EVEN MET YOUR DEDUCTIBLE? Solutions to avoid situations like these are found with supplemental plans. Some will help you replace part of your income and others will work as a secondary insurance. All supplemental policies pay differently:  

  • You can receive the benefits in a lump sum,
  • The medical professional or facility gets paid directly from the insurance every time you require medical service
  • or you may receive benefits month to month.

  Talk to an agent and see which options you have.

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